The first 15 years of Battery Energy Drink have been one great ride. It has laid a solid foundation for the brand, something special and concrete to build on.

The story begins in Finland, during the mid 90s and the brand concept reflects the fact that Battery Energy Drink’s country of origin, Finland, is widely known for high-tech, functional and practical products. At the same time, various recipes for the actual liquid were developed, tested, re-developed and tested again. It was important to develop a product that would be both great tasting and credible in functionality.  Fortunately, the product development team managed to find the perfect solution very quickly. After all, who could be more skilled to develop an energy drink than a Finn: In Finland the winters are all dark but you still need to stay awake, and in the summer it is all light and you want to stay awake.

Battery Energy Drink was launched in the beginning of 1997, as the very first energy drink in the Finnish market. The concept was immediately understood by customers, thus providing a favorable start for the brand. One key success factor was, and has been ever since, the organization’s motivation and drive to make things happen: Innovation! Battery Energy Drink is now available in several countries. 

Battery Energy Drinks UK is a trading name of Revere Global Ltd.